Seals & Cliffs Cruise

From: $135.00 (Inc Tax)

  • Get up close to one of NSW’s two biggest seal colonies; marvel at Jervis Bay’s towering sandstone cliffs and explore its marine caves – all situated just outside the heads of Jervis Bay
  • Book your Seals and Cliffs Tour departing Kiama Railway Station with WAT2DU and your local guide will meet you and up to 11 friends then transfer you to Jervis Bay to meet your cruise departure. Timings will be discussed when your local guide calls you on the number provided in the booking after you have made your booking.


Jervis Bay plays host to two of the biggest seal colonies in NSW. Both are situated outside the heads to Jervis Bay but both are easily accessible with our new vessel, Eco Extreme. The colony to the north contains up to 40 seals whilst the colony to the south is slightly smaller at approximately 30 seals. Both colonies offer fantastic viewing opportunities to see these ‘dogs of the sea’. And the seals make up only part of the cruise. On your way to the seals you will discover some of the greatest sights that Jervis Bay has to offer along the towering cliffs on the eastern side of the Bay. If the 300 foot cliffs don’t impress then there are always the deep inlets, the caves, the irregular rock formations and the abundance of wildlife that habitat along the cliffs.


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